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6 Steps to Financial Freedom

Investment properties are not just my job, they are my passion. Here is what it will be like if we choose to work together:

Step 1: Initial Assessment

Hands down the most important step in the process. We will meet together to discuss your goals, not just with Real Estate, but what you want Real Estate to create for you and your family. From the beginning you will experience an education centred approach and we will leave the first meeting with a personally tailored strategy. My office is on the 5th floor of L'Avenue (just above Provigo), across the street from the Bell Centre. On to step 2!

Step 2: Sourcing/Evaluating

From our first meeting, I begin to work for you. With your tailor made strategy in mind, I will begin researching properties and sending you properties that meet the criteria we have decided will be the best fit for you at that time. You will receive properties with detailed financial breakdowns and projections to decide if any interest you to the point of digging further. I spend the majority of my work life evaluating properties both on and off the open market, and this is why I only take on a maximum of 10 new investment clients per year. I typically work through more than 1200 properties for every 1 that meets my clients criteria. Now we've found a few we like, on to step 3!

Step 3: Property Visits

At this stage we have identified properties that meet our financial criteria and are happy with what the financial pro forma looks like. We will then visit the properties in person together to confirm what we know, and identify any potential red flags or unforeseen issues that could jeopardize our returns, and adjust our evaluation accordingly. Are the windows still in good shape? Any step cracks in the brick? Were we able to meet and interview some of the current tenants? The visit went great, we got all the information we needed, on to step 4!

Step 4: Negotiations

Once we have identified a property that meets our criteria, have confirmed through research, documentation, and an in person visit, that this is a property we want to pursue, we will then work a strategy to acquire the asset for the best price possible, with the most advantageous conditions and protections through due diligence conditions. We will utilize my extensive network of building inspectors, mortgage brokers, contractors and even notaries to make sure we only cross the finish line on a property that is exactly how we want it. Congratulations, you now own an incredible investment property. Now what? Step 5!

Step 5: Execute our Plan

We purchased this property for a reason. Whether we had renovations in mind, optimization, or a more long term buy and hold approach for this one, I help you through every aspect of property management, rental and optimization consultation. Need new paying tenants? I'm there to rent them out for you. Need a contact for kitchen and bathroom renovations, I have multiple for you. If there is something I don't know, I know the expert who can help you. Your property is now set up to provide for you and your family through any economy, providing monthly cash flow, paying down the mortgage to create more equity and appreciating in value on the long term. Now you are finally ready for Step 6!

Step 6: On to the Next!

When done right, real estate investment lends itself to rapid growth and scalability. The more successful our first small transaction, the faster we access the financing and opportunities available to the more legitimate operators. Your money should not be tied up in real estate, rather, your money should be multiplying through real estate. What are you waiting for, book that first meeting with me now!

Call or email me to set up a meeting:

514-975-3565   [email protected]